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Anigozanthos hybrid ‘Gold Velvet’ PP21,178

Gold Velvet is an attractive hybrid selection which is part of our “Velvet Range” series of landscape-hardy kangaroo paw. From a long-time breeder of kangaroo paw, the Velvet Range varieties were bred using the big and tough Anigozanthos flavidus, crossed with more dwarf and attractive species to yield intermediate-sized selections that have improved vigor, disease tolerance, frost tolerance and a great display of “kangaroo paw” flowers. Great for Western landscapes and also a strong performer in other markets as a potted plant. Gold Velvet is perhaps our most landscape-hardy kangaroo paw selection and is even showing some resilience in tropical climates that typically kill kangaroo very quickly. Sporting broad lanceolate foliage that is dense and compact, with large flowers borne on branched inflorescences that create a show of color that lasts all season long. As far as kangaroo paw varieties go, Gold Velvet exhibits decent frost tolerance and will survive in full sun, in well drained positions. Breeder: Keith Oliver


  • Bold yellow and red “kangaroo paw” flowers
  • Broad strapped-leaf foliage with a semi-dwarf stature
  • Improved resistance to the infamous “ink spot” disease


Life Cycle: Perennial
Hardiness Zones: 9b to 11; moderate frost tolerance (compared to other Anigozanthos
H x W (approx): Approx 2ft tall (4ft, in bloom) and 2ft wide
Spacing: 24 inches on center for groupings/mass planting
Bloom Time: Season-long flowers!
Flower: Numerous, vivid yellow and red “kangaroo paw” flowers sit above the foliage on
branched inflorescences.

Foliage Color: Broad, sword-like foliage arranged in fans that create a 3-dimensional
tufted plant. Deep green with a smooth texture.
Habit: Upright, architectural foliage (similar to a Dietes, Phormium, Dianella, etc)
Containers?: Yes, adds an awesome splash of color and the foliage adds nice texture
contrast to bedding plants and perennials.
Light Requirement: Full sun
Water Requirement: Regular irrigation, but plant in a free draining soil
Maintenance Category: Requires little maintenance once established
Uses: For landscape application, best suited to arid climates such as those of the
Western US. In those areas, it is ideal for accent plantings, borders, in mass such as
streetscapes, groupings, and so on. In other parts of the country, kangaroo paw can be
used in the landscape as short-lived perennials or in planters and mixed containers.
Maintenance Notes: For best results, fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer for
Australian plants (i.e. low-no Phosphorous and, if possible, organic sources of Nitrogen
like bone meal, alfalfa meal, etc). After flowering remove the older stems and leaves to
help promote new growth and foliage the following year.