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GreenhouseGrower.com Article: Danny Takao’s National Promotion Idea

If you have any ties to the horticulture industry, this is worth a read.  Sure, the question (debate, more like it) of a national campaign has come up a few times before but now, more than ever, there is a huge grower response to participate in such a Program.

The recent conversation was sparked by a letter from Danny Takao, owner of Takao Nursery in California.   I have only met Danny once or twice but, as a plant marketer myself, I tend to pay attention to growers and breeders who are trying new tactics to entice a new generation of gardeners.  When Danny’s daughter joined the company a few years back, you noticed a very distinct shift in their message: it’s hip to garden.  That’s my assessment, not their exact message.  In any case, I think that Danny has great perspective and the Texas A&M research cited is also very enlightening. 

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