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Tuffy Plants for Humid & Tropical Climates:  Currently, all Tuffy varieties are Australian native plants.  While most Aussie native plants are well adapt to Mediterranean climates, many are not very well adapt to humid climates like those of the Subtropics and Tropics…the Southeast US, namely.  While there are definitely areas of Australia that are “humid” (e.g. northern New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory), most of the species that we use in our breeding come from southern Queensland and New South Wales where the humidity is naturally lower.  So it only makes sense that in areas prone to excessive rainfall, humidity or the combination thereof there can be problems like leaf spotting or crown rot. 

It has been about 10 years since production and our first landscape trials began, and after hundreds of trials (which are still ongoing) we have been able to identify a subset of varieties from the collection that work well in low-water landscapes in humid climates.  These varieties have proven that when planted in free draining soils, with the prescribed light exposure and irrigation regiment, there seems to be a very low occurrence of disease pressure.  This should be emphasized: proper horticulture practice teaches us to “use the right plant for the right place”.  That’s why we explicitly advise that, if you are in the southeast US, you should only use the varieties listed below and only as prescribed.  Contact us if you have questions!