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— Lomandra hystrix ‘LHBYF’ Katie Belles™  PPAF —

Katie Belles is a very showy Lomandra with bright green, strappy foliage and big, fragrant yellow flower spikes in spring and summer.  Like all Lomandra, this plant is drought tolerant, cold hardy, and shade tolerant.  However, unlike some Lomandra, Katie Belles can be planted in heavy soils and is proving to be tolerant of wet feet. Great as an accent or in mass.  Katie Belles generally will grow to a maximum height of 5 feet in general conditions, but in well maintained, fertilized and irrigated areas it can grow to a height of 6 ft. Zone 8 – 11 (evergreen 9a and warmer in normal winters).


  • The Original Dwarf Lomandra!!
  • Compact and Fine-Bladed
  • Super Drought Tolerant and Loves Shade
Life Cycle: Perennial
Hardiness Zones: 8 to 11; consistently evergreen in Zone 9
H x W (approx): Katie Belles can ultimately reach 4-5ft by 4-5ft after many years
Spacing: 4-5ft for best LONG TERM results
Bloom Time: late spring; flowering may be sparse in the first year but will improve!
Flower Color: yellow-orange
Foliage Color: “pine” green in full sun; deep green in shade
Habit: tufting (i.e. doesn’t “spread) with upright to arching foliage
Containers?: No
Light Requirement: Sun to Heavy Shade
Water Requirement: Moderate Water Needs!
Maintenance Category: Low Maintenance
Uses: Mass Planting, Commercial & Home Gardens, Retention Ponds & water features
Maintenance Notes:


Tolerates Wet Feet!
Very Shade Tolerant
Heat Tolerant
Very Large & Fragrant Inflorescence