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Tuffy Plants for Mixed Containers & Landscape Planters:  We know that Tuffy plants are a great option for landscape applications throughout the Sunbelt of the US (approx Zones 8 through 11) but did you know that several varieties from the collection work great for mixed containers or large planters?  It’s true!

The varieties listed below have proven to work well even when confined to small spaces such as greenroofs, module systems and, yes, planters and containers of varying sizes.  These varieties will provide a grass feature focal point yet will not require the high level of maintenance (namely, pruning and irrigation) that would be required for some ornamental grasses.  In colder climates, plants may be over wintered by moving containers to a protected area like a garage or covered walkway.  Just be sure to provide irrigation and some sunlight and there’s a pretty good chance your Tuffies will survive winter. 

One more very, VERY important point to mention: Lomandra Breeze will work for INTERIORSCAPES!!  Lomandra are actually indigenous to forest ecosystems which means they are naturally ‘tolerant’ of low light levels.  Through various trials, we have learned that Lomandra Breeze works very well indoors.  The foliage takes on a very deep green and the habit becomes more weeping.  It’s a very nice look when used, for example, in large planters in big interior spaces like hotel lobbies, shopping mall atriums, office buildings and etcetera.  Of course, great for a south facing window in your living room as well!