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Tuffy Spotlight: Dianella Cassa Blue

We have introduced several flax lily (Dianella sp.) selections from our friends in Australia as part of our “Celebrated Plants” collection of drought tolerant, cold hardy grasses (although, not technically grasses :)).  Most have become pretty popular on the west coast where they seem to blend in very well with the Mediterranean and xeric landscapes […]

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Tuffy Plants: Trial Update – Dianella Blaze

Yes, we have introduced quite a few Dianella, or flax lily, over the last few years.  However, there is one that is proving as elusive as it is exciting: Dianella tasmanica ‘NPW2’ “Blaze”.  During the cool months, this selection has great maroon or purple hues throughout the foliage and, in some climates, appears almost completely […]

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Signs of an improving economy

Click here Signs of an improving economyThere’s evidence that the economy really is picking up

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The NEW USDA Hardiness Zone Map Has Arrived!

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OK, so after some anticipation, it’s here; what does that mean?  The latest map seems to be a much needed improvement over the 1990 version, taking into account much more weather data as well as topographic land features which aided USDA researchers and scientist in creating a much more useful tool for the nation’s farmers, […]

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Lomandra: Up and Coming Plant

Thanks to Pacific Nurseries for shining some light on Lomandra and even mentioning a few of the Tuffy varieties by name… good on ya!  Click link below: Lomandra: Up and Coming Plant

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TUFFY Spotlight: Lomandra Katie Belles

Browse any H&G magazine or simply walk into your local garden center and you will, no doubt, encounter an ever-expanding palette of new plant “selections”, “cultivars”, “hybrids” or whatever (I’ll explore these terms and they’re meaning in a later post).  You see these in almost every species imaginable: a new series of Hydrangea, heat tolerant […]

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Breakthrough Made in Drought Tolerance

Breakthrough made in drought tolerance… University of California Riverside discovery creates new blueprint for engineering drought-tolerant crops From Nursery Management Magazine:  Click here

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GreenhouseGrower.com Article: Your 2012 Sales Expectations


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GreenhouseGrower.com Article: A Look Back On 2011 Sales


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USDA Considers Boxwood Import Restrictions

From Craig Regelbrugge at ANLA: USDA’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service informally indicated to ANLA that they have been intercepting several quarantine pests, notably pathogens, on imports of boxwood (Buxus spp.) from various countries. They are exploring restricting Buxus imports worldwide unless and until risk assessments are conducted and appropriate mitigation measures are put […]

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