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Todd Layt with the very first Tuffy introduction, Lomandra Breeze (which they market as “Tanika” in Australia).

ABOUT THE BREEDER:  Meet Todd Layt, Todd is a dear friend and the breeder of dozens and dozens of ornamental plants, including the Tuffy varieties.  Todd has been deeply involved in the horticulture industry for over 20 years now in many roles including plant broker, sod producer, wholesale nurseryman, propagator and for the last decade or better as the owner of Ozbreed Pty Ltd in Australia where he is involved in countless in-house breeding programs and also works with other plant breeders from around the world to bring their new plants to the Australian gardens and landscapes around the country.  By far, Todd’s most successful program to date are the Tuffy varieties which are marketed in Australia as “The Ozbreed Range” (see History for more).  Each year, millions of these plants are sold around Australia and around the world.

Todd’s preferred method of breeding is open cross-pollination followed by intense selection and screening.  As Todd says, “I like to let the bees do the work!”  Of course, this is only partly true.  Yes, Mother Nature produces off-types and sports all the time but the true art of breeding (at least this type of breeding) is being able to select the “good ones”.  Many years of selection and trialing [by Todd] go in to each Tuffy variety before we ever consider them for the US market.  We have Todd to thank for this.