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Westringia fruticosa ‘WES03’ Blue Gem™ PPAF

Blue Gem is an improved seedling selection of the Australian-native “coastal rosemary” that was selected for one simple reason: it’s flowers. In late winter/ early spring, Blue Gem will be completely covered with vivid…almost fluorescent flowers. Coastal rosemary, so named for its rosemary-like leaves, is drought tolerant, salt tolerant, has some frost tolerance and some varieties, including Blue Gem, are proving to be adapt to humid, subtropical climates of the southeastern US. Good for home gardens and commercial landscapes alike. Westringia are best suited to Mediterranean climates but, as mentioned, Blue Gem is showing promise for the South!


  • Near fluorescent purple flowers
  • Very dense, bushy habit; responds well to pruning
  • Flowers profusely in spring


Life Cycle: Evergreen
Hardiness Zones: 9 to 11; relatively good frost tolerance and cold hardiness for a Westringia
H x W (approx): Approx 6-7ft tall and 5-6ft wide after several years responds well to pruning
Spacing: 4 to 5ft on center for hedges
Bloom Time: Spring
Flower: A definite sales feature in spring/summer: Masses of VIVID violet flowers,
each about the size of a quarter, appear in small clusters along the stems across the entire plant.
Foliage Color: New growth is typically gray-green to blue-green but matures to a dark
emerald green
Habit: Round, “bushy” and dense
Containers?: Anything is possible but Blue Gem is probably best suited to the landscape
Light Requirement: Full to filtered sun
Water Requirement: Very drought tolerant once established
Maintenance Category: Low Maintenance; salt tolerant, drought tolerant
Uses: Drought tolerant accent, flowering hedge, salt laden landscapes
Looks it best in full sun with deep, infrequent irrigation in the southeast and slightly more
“regular” irrigation in arid climates. Responds well to pruning.