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Westringia fruticosa ‘WES04’ Grey Box™ PPAF

A true dwarf coastal rosemary selection that has a natural “Box” shape and beautiful gray-green foliage which makes this Westringia far different than any other we have seen. Perfect for a hedge or group planting in pocket gardens and home gardens, yet tough enough for commercial applications as well! Grey Box seems to work well in both arid and humid Zones 9-11 climates. So while Westringia are best suited to Mediterranean climates, Grey Box has continued to perform very well in subtropical climates, provided it is planted in a raised and free-draining soil and is watered infrequently (and best when irrigated via drip irrigation).


  • A cool new dwarf “box” form of Westringia
  • Great greyed-green rosemary foliage
  • Adapt to subtropic climates yet drought & salt tolerant


Life Cycle: Evergreen
Hardiness Zones: 9 to 11; decent frost tolerance but will show some injury under severe conditions of prolonged cold and heavy frost (relative to Zone 9)
H x W (approx): Approx 3ft tall and wide after several years; responds well to pruning
Spacing: 3ft on center for hedges
Bloom Time: Spring to summer
Flower: White, quarter-sized flowers appear in small clusters along the stems from late winter to summer and sporadically throughout the season.
Foliage Color: The pale gray-green foliage is highly glaucous which gives the plant an overall “gray” look.
Habit: Round, “bushy” and dense
Containers?: Yes. Grey Box is very well behaved; go natural or shape as desired!
Light Requirement: Full to filtered sun
Water Requirement: Very drought tolerant once established
Maintenance Category: Low Maintenance; salt tolerant, drought tolerant
Uses: Drought tolerant mass and group plantings or as an accent; coastal, salt laden
landscapes; water-wise gardens
 Looks it best in full sun with deep, infrequent irrigation in the
southeast and slightly more “regular” irrigation in arid climates. Responds well to pruning.